Ladies and Gentlemen, a new month is in session and you know what?
This is going to be the best month you have ever witnessed in your lifetime.
This is my wish to you all in this month of August. Now cheer up, put a smile on your face and relax because that is what I am doing.
Today on my exclusive, (oops!!! Let me quickly chip this in- call your loved ones or somebody special today and tell them “I love you and you are special”)
we would be meeting Natalie of NET-TALKS.

Fashion blogger Natalie is an undergraduate from London.
In my blog, I give advice and share looks that I really like. The most important thing for me to say is that I am not saying that I am THE authority when it comes to fashion. I just give advice.

ASK: When did you start blogging and how long?
NET TALKS: I started blogging in May and it was quite daunting at first, putting my name, face and opinions out there. But I am getting better at it and becoming more comfortable in my skin.
So as of today, I have been blogging for almost 3 months, though building NY website took about another month, so the whole process this far has been a 3 month journey.

What made you start blogging?
NET TALKS: Thank you. I started blogging because I was thinking about my future. As a university student, I was thinking about my aims in life and what I would want to do after graduating and I have always loved fashion. At one point, I was set on becoming a designer, so the field isn't too different from what I have always wanted to do. It's just a different area. I even watched a documentary about fashion journalism & Vogue and I found it really interesting and thought that that sort of work, would suit me very well.

What was your first post?
NET TALKS: My first blog post was about the Met Gala 2017. I thought it was a good topic to start with because it was current and it helped me to kick-start my writing.

I totally agree with you, that is a good post to kick start with
How easy was it for you to come up with the name "net-talk"?
NET TALKS: That actually took a lot of planning, I wanted to pick something different but not too different. Net are my initials and I am writing a blog so I thought net-talks was a smart way of saying that I am talking to you (the readers). Also it's succinct and quite easy to remember.
Once I chose net-talks I disregarded any other choice, I just knew that that was the URL I wanted.

It is indeed easy to remember and catchy , you actually got be rethinking my own URL name LOL!!! Maybe in the future though.

What has been your most exciting moment as a blogger?
NET TALKS: Oooh! I've had quite a few exciting moments, from thinking to start my blog to getting feedback from friends and family. But I think my favourite moment was when I could find my blog by searching on Google. I was so thrilled because I was not only the first result to show, but the 2nd and 3rd. At that moment, I was really proud of myself and it encouraged me to keep going.

What is your personal style like?
NET TALKS: My personal style changes so much that I can't describe it in 1 word. Some days I dress to impress, some days my style is eye catching, sometimes it's calm and then of course there are those days where I dress just to be comfortable.

What inspires your style as a blogger?
NET TALKS: I am most often inspired by my family, I don't idolize anyone in particular, if I see something I like then I'll take from it. I just try to be myself and that's part of my message, I just want people to be themselves and be happy with whoever that is. I touch on this in one of my earlier posts titled: My Fashion Inspiration(s).

What is your writing process like, how long does it take you to write a post?
NET TALKS: My writing process starts with an idea, I might be out with friends or shopping online, even watching TV and I'll see something and think "this could be an interesting topic" and it'll lead on from there. It can take me from 3 as to 2 weeks to write a blog, it really depends on whether I am in a wrong mood and I feel inspired.

Finally, Would you still go into fashion designing in future?
NET TALKS: I think that fashion design is interesting, but I believe I'd be better suited to fashion journalism or even being a stylist.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope we get to do this again sometimes soon.
This has been a great experience, thank you very much.
The pleasure is mine, you made it a great experience and I am grateful


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